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Our Story

NICOM has always been focused on creating great quality products. Its continuous effort in achieving the same resulted in the creation of many first-of-its-kind brands that have opened up the Indian for these products. Since its inception, NICOM has created a niche available at effective pricing for its consumers. NICOM always believes in giving the top class brands in customer-friendly prices. The new product development ensures customer needs and is always the priority of the company. This not only let NICOM drive a change in the alcohol industry but also helped it play a huge role in setting NICOM a league apart.


Dedicated to conquering the good times since 1988

Marking an incredible journey from a small manufacturing unit to a whole facility producing glistening drinks, Nicom’s success has really been a sight to behold! Started in 1988, the world back then was not ready for the revolution our herbal alcohol-infused drinks were about to bring. From producing very limited products, Nicom rose higher and higher with every sold bottle, until we began mass-producing all of our products in order to attain the most sophisticated of name recognition on the market.


From premium Whiskey & Gin to soft drinks and even juices — all herbally made.

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R&D Being Our Driving Force

Backed by endless dedicated hours that we spend sitting at our desks and in the labs coming up with just the right equations, our drinks are a perfect fusion of traditionally preserved recipes and high-tech modern production processes. Over the years the constant investment in research and development has made us evolve for the good of our sheer virtue and purpose. And thus, you can never go wrong with Nicom.